How to reflect on your performance

The BelievePerform team provide a set of questions that can be used post performance to objectively evaluate how you may have completed a task or met your goals.

This guide can be used by students, teachers, professionals or anyone wanting to better understand how they have performed and how they can improve upon what they’ve done, as well as identifying the next steps and any potential opportunities.

In this self evaluation infogrpahic the team explores how to reflect on your performance.

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Action plan – What do you need to do to improve for next time?

Describe – What are you reflecting on? What happened? When? Where? What did you do?

Feelings – What were you thinking and feeling? (before, during, after).

Evaluation – What went well? What did not go so well? How did others react?

Analysis – What might have helped or hindered your performance?

Conclusion – What have you learnt? What else could you have done?

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