Keeping essential mental health habits going during isolation

A training plan to help you build positive mental health habits during isolation

What you'll learn

How to organise your week more effectively

How to be proactive with your mental health during the week

How to build positive mental health habits into your week

How to look after your physical and mental health


Over the coming days, weeks and months it is imperative that we are looking after our physical and mental health. To reduce levels of stress, anxiety and worry it is important that we become more proactive with regards to our overall wellbeing. For many students, parents, teachers, coaches and athletes across the world their daily routine and habits will have become disrupted. We have developed a short training plan that focuses on helping individuals to learn how to keep maintaining positive mental health habits during isolation.

This training plan helps people to identify what important activities can be scheduled into their week that will help bring a sense of calm and control. Not only can it help to reduce levels of anxiety but it can also help people to identify what activities can bring a sense of positive reinforcement into their daily routines.

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Course content

Step 1
1 Lecture

Check in in with yourself


Step 2
1 Lecture

My wellbeing


Step 3
1 Lecture

Identifying routine activities


Step 4
1 Lecture

Planning your week


Step 5
1 Lecture

Keep moving forward


Course materials

2 files

  • Activity Diary
  • How families can keep essential mental health habits going during self isolation


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