What does a good PE lesson look like

We deconstruct the elements that make for a great teaching lesson and look at how to engage and  motivate your students to become more enthusiastic about their physical health in our sports education based infographic – ‘What does a good PE lesson look like?’

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What makes a good lesson?

  • The lesson is organised.
  • The lesson has clear objectives.
  • The teacher praises students.
  • The teacher is a positive role model.
  • The lesson challenges students.
  • The lesson is fun.
  • Activities are age appropriate.
  • Logical progression of activities.

Important! Get to know your students. Be aware of individual differences when teaching.

What can I do as a teacher?

  • Develops pupils physical, social, emotional, cognitive and psychological skills.
  • Teachers create a positive environment for learning.
  • Teachers have a good understanding of PE and what they are teaching.
  • Pupils of abilities are included in the lesson.
  • Teachers use a wide range of equipment to engage students.

How can I engage students?

  • There is an emphasis on students learning.
  • The lesson incorporates thinking time.
  • The teacher is enthusiastic and motivates students.
  • The teacher asks open ended questions.
  • The teacher provides an environment which engages students.
  • Pupils know and understand what they are trying to achieve.
  • The teachers allow students to make students for themselves.
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