10 activities to use with students when returning to school to boost mental health

In this mental helath infographic we look at the techniques that can be employed in the classroom to help students when returning to school to boost their mental health and improve their emotional well-being.

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  1. Strengths – work with your students to identify a list of their top 5 strengths and think about how they can use them each week.
  2. Managing worry – help students to learn how to effectively problem solve to deal with practical worries.
  3. Mood jar – Help your students identify activities they could engage in that will help if they feel anxious or low. Write them down on a piece of paper and put in a jar.
  4. 3 Good things – at the end of the school day help students write down 3 good things they have achieved from their day. Help students to think about what those 3 good things say about them as a person.
  5. Imagery – spend 5 minutes at the beginning of a lesson and encourage students to imagine themselves in a happy, calm and safe place.
  6. Time to talk -schedule a time each week where students can talk openly about what they are feeling and thinking.
  7. Self care diary – support students to identify activities they can do each week which will provide them with a sense of pleasure, achievement and connectedness.
  8. Mindfulness – Encourage students to stay present by connecting all their senses to an activity which they can engage in.
  9. Positive emotions – Tap into positive emotions by helping students identify moments in the last 4 or 5 months when they have coped well with stress or adversity.
  10. Self soothe box – Encourage students to find items or activities which they can put in a small box which will soothe each of their 5 senses e.g. a picture to look at which is relaxing, a relaxing scented candle, some calming music.
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