10 things to remember about confidence

If you’re feeling low on confidence or need a boost it’s worth remembering that it’s not something that some people have and some don’t. Confidence is a skill which can be developed and shaped as you begin to realise your own strengths and focus on things within your control.

In this mental health infographic we look at 10 things to remember about confidence.

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  1. The world’s best performers don’t leave their confidence to chance.
  2. Confidence is not a personality trait or quality. Being confident is a skill.
  3. Everyone can build their confidence if they know what to do.
  4. Good performers invest time and energy in building their confidence.
  5. Good performers know what fuels their confidence and they do regular things to keep it topped up.
  6. Being confident is about focusing on things that you can control.
  7. Being confident is about identifying and using all your strengths.
  8. Being confident is about understanding what you need to do to achieve success.
  9. Being confident is about feeling as prepared and ready as you can be.
  10. Being confident is about understanding what important factors contribute to your confidence.
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