10 ways we can all support children to look after their mental health

Support children with their growth and development by creating an environment where they feel safe and comfortable to talk about their feelings and express their emotions.

In this infographic we look at 10 ways we can all support children to look after their mental health.

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  1. Environment – try and create a safe environment where children feel confident and comfortable to talk about how they are feeling.
  2. Proactivity – try and encourage children to take a proactive approach to looking after both their physical and mental health.
  3. Talking – the more we support children to learn how to express themselves the better they will become at tuning into how they are feeling and thinking.
  4. Role model – if we focus on becoming positive role models, children will pick up on these positive behaviours and implement them among themselves.
  5. Physical health – if children have the right physical foundations in place (eating well, sleeping well, exercising regularly) this will help contribute to positive mental health.
  6. Seeking help – support and encourage children to ask or seek out help if they are struggling. Make sure we help young children to know where to go to get the right support.
  7. Mindset – we all have mental health and it fluctuates depending on the situation and circumstances. Try and teach children to not see mental health as either good or bad.
  8. Nourish – be kind, supportive and encouraging. Listen mindfully and show children you care.
  9. Coping skills – we must support children to learn practical coping skills which can help them deal with pressure, stress and challenges they may face.
  10. Education – make sure that young children are being up skilled within the area of mental health knowledge and literacy.
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