Useful questions to ask yourself when you experience a setback

Our experts provide a set of questions you can use as a well-being tool to make yourself feel reassured when you may be having to deal with uncomfortable or negative emotions following a setback.

This approach will help you self scan and enables those using this tool to manage their internal feelings and recognise how to better deal with similar challenges should they experience them again in the future.

In this mental fitness infographic the team look at useful questions to ask yourself when you experience a setback.



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  1. What have I learnt from this experience?
  2. Could I have done anything differently to prevent things from happening?
  3. Did anything help me manage dealing with the setback?
  4. Were there any unhelpful changes in my behaviour and how could I manage these better?
  5. How did I feel? Is there anything I can help do next time to help manage my emotions?
  6. What thoughts were going through my mind?
  7. Is there anyone I can reach out to next time to help?
  8. What things can I do to manage my unhelpful thoughts?
  9. Were there any triggers that led me to experience this setback?
  10. What things can I start doing to help me maintain my mental health each week?
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