How to be a good leader at school

Being a role model and good leader at school means being able to help other students who may be struggling – be it by calling out bullying or poor behaviours, as well as helping tutors with extra-curricular activities and learning to work in a team.

Such qualities help with creating a more empathetic culture at school as well as helping to develop emotional intelligence in students.

In this infographic the BelievePerform team look at how to be a good leader at school.

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  1. Be a positive role model for students. Demonstrate positive behaviours and attitudes.
  2. Support and encourage other students. Listen to what they have to say.
  3. Offer help and support to teachers with extra-curricular activities.
  4. Be yourself and lead by example. Call out negative behaviours (e.g. bullying).
  5. Plan your time effectively and get organised with school work.
  6. Offer help and support to younger students. Be a role model for them.
  7. Learn from your mistakes and never give up. Work on improving yourself.
  8. Learn how to work effectively in a team.
  9. Keep learning and wanting to improve yourself. Seek out knowledge.
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