Traffic light emotions

Our team have created a traffic light system to help individuals understand how they are feeling and better manage and regulate their anxiety. By imagining the traffic light colours when measuring your anxiety levles you can work out how to bring yourself back down to ‘green’ – this means you are currently doing fine.

You can use the traffic light system to help you better manage your day and get yourself back to feeling calm.

In this mental health infographic the team walk you through the traffic light of emotions.

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Emotional control is crucial for preparing you mentally for competition. The ‘emotional thermometer’ is a good method of keeping your anxiety in check. It is comprised of three stages, much like a traffic light.

If you are green, currently you are fine! If you stray into the yellow or red zone, you must have already thought out your plan of action to quickly lower your anxiety levels back to green and prevent detrimental effects to performance.

When your emotional thermometer strays into yellow or red, employ strategies such as positive self-talk and deep breathing which will help you take control of the situation again and return to green levels.

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