8 psychological skills athletes can learn and practise during lockdown

Sharpen mental fitness and agility by incorporating these techniques into your everyday routine.

Coaches and teachers can refer to this guide to promote mental strength amongst their team with this infographic where we analayse 8 psychological skills athletes can learn and practise during lockdown.

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  1. Imagery – Imagery is a great tool which can not only help to enhance your performance but can also be used to reduce negative emotions.
  2. Progressive muscle relaxation – this is a useful tool which can be used to reduce physiological tension and help calm your mind.
  3. Deep breathing – A great way to learn how to calm your mind and body during movements of stress and panic.
  4. Self-talk – A good opportunity for you to identify helpful patterns of thinking before and during performance.
  5. Reflection – Can you identify 5 recent performances and what went well, what did not go so well and reflect on how you can improve.
  6. Mindfulness – There are numerous exercises which you can test out to help you stay focused on the present moment.
  7. Thought challenging – Build your confidence and self esteem by learning how to challenge unhelpful thoughts which you might experience.
  8. Problem-solving -This tool can be used to help you overcome any worries which you might be experiencing.
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