How to improve your sleep environment

Improving your sleep hygiene prior to going to bed can drastically improve the quality and longevity of your sleep. Or current lifestyles and routines can have a detrimental impact on our ability to have a restful night’s sleep.

In this infographic on how to improve your sleep environment we look at the practical things you can do to promote healthy sleep as well as regular habits we can adopt to remove any lingering negative thoughts and debris from the day.

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  1. Light – try using blackout blinds to make your room darker.
  2. Worries – have a notebook near your bed so you can write down any worries before you sleep.
  3. Helpful gadgets – why not ditch the alarm clock for a SAD lamp so light is your wake-up call?
  4. Laptop – keep work items separate and outside of your bedroom.
  5. Sound – turn off your tv and try to develop a quiet bedroom environment.
  6. Temperature – make sure there is enough air circulation and you find the right temperature to help you sleep.
  7. Phone – avoid using your phone before bed.
  8. Mattress – take time to find the best mattress for you. Make sure it is supportive and comfortable.
  9. Bedding – don’t forget about finding some comfortable bed sheets and duvet.
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