How to support people to boost their own motivation

Part of great leadership is providing a supportive culture that recognises their teams’ achievements and encourages people to do better.

Positive interaction as a coach, teacher, parent and mentor holds significant value in boosting the morale of those that are striving to improve – the benefits of which can be felt by the whole team.

In this educational infographic we look at how to support people to boost their own motivation.

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  1. Tell others the strengths you see in them – what they’re good at.
  2. Start to deliberately make good working relationships grounded on connectedness.
  3. Deliberately use language like we, us, our.
  4. Encourage others to realise what they can control, like their effort, their attitude and what they do next.
  5. Become a leader of the motivational climate for everyone you work with.
  6. Start to choose your attitude and role model.
  7. Celebrate teamwork by recognising it in some way.
  8. Address all others successes including what they did to be successful.
  9. Help people to see why their contribution is important to the team.
  10. Demonstrate your trust in others by showing you trust them.
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