10 things students can do to boost their mental health

Keeping mentally fit and taking steps to look after your physical health whilst studying at school, college or university can help safeguard against potential mental health issues in the future.

The BelievePerform team provide tips and ways to stay healthy in 10 things students can do to boost their mental health.

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Mind and body – look after your body as well as your mind. Eat a well balanced diet, keep hydrated and get into a regular sleep pattern.

Exercise – engage in regular exercise. Find a sport or activity that you enjoy. Exercise is a great tool for improving mood and reducing stress and anxiety.

Organisation – manage your time effectively. Stay organised and on top of things. This will help to reduce pressure.

Self care – practice self care. Make sure to look after yourself. Relax, smile, have a bath, go for a walk and do something you enjoy.

Talk to someone – don’t be afraid to talk to someone about how you are feeling. Talk to your friends, family or teachers.

Breathing – learn how to breathe effectively. Practice a number of techniques and find what works for you – ratio breathing, deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation.

Write down – write down how you are feeling or what you are thinking. This can be a really simple way to understand what is going on within your mind and body.

Challenge – try to challenge your thinking. If you experience an unhelpful thought try and turn it into a helpful thought.

Check in – regularly check in with yourself. Monitor your emotions and mood.

Problem solve – learn how to problem solve effectively. When you experience a problem try and write down a number of solutions.

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