How to build resilience in students when teaching

Encourage and build resilience amongst your students as classrooms return and learning environments adapt post lockdown. Here are 12 tips with highly usable methods that teachers and educators can use to help further develop their students resilience – helping prepare students for assessments, exams and further education.

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  1. Ask the right questions. Build your students problem solving and critical thinking skills.
  2. Build a positive learning environment and allow students to experience success.
  3. Help students to identify and use their strengths.
  4. Allow students to make their own choices to help give them a sense of control.
  5. Promote autonomy among your students. Allow them to make their own decisions.
  6. Build positive relationships with your students.
  7. Provide students with effective feedback so they can grow, develop and learn.
  8. Be a positive resilience model. Demonstrate resilience behaviours.
  9. Praise your students hard work, creativity, and effort.
  10. When a student makes a mistake, make them aware of the opportunities they can learn from them.
  11. Allow your students to be creative. Allow them to take risks and learn from their mistakes.
  12. Don’t give your students all the answers. Help them to develop problem solving skills.
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