How students can maintain motivation to work at home during lockdown

Keeping your focus and motivation levels up when you’re at home and away from your normal school environment can take a while to get used to.

As we all adapt to the changes brought about because of lockdown our team look at how students can perform and stay connected whilst at home. With this infographic we look at how students can maintain motivation to work at home during lockdown.

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  • Aim to complete your school work or homework by a certain time.
  • When you complete a piece of work reward yourself with something (e.g. going on your phone or playing on a game console).
  • Make sure you are taking regular breaks. These are important for maintaining focus and concentration.
  • Engage in some work with a classmate online (someone you are usually in a lesson with).
  • Identify your strengths and see how you can use them to complete your work.
  • Create a routine and schedule things into your working week.
  • Create a positive learning environment at home. Find a space with minimal distractions.
  • Ask for feedback from your teacher.
  • Set achievable targets or goals for your day. Don’t put pressure on yourself to do everything in one go.
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