How to support staff who are experiencing a mental health problem

The role of a great team leader and team mate relies on also being able to recognise when your colleague or member of staff may be struggling to cope and needs help and support.

In this infographic we look at how to support staff who are experiencing a mental health problem.

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  1. Listen to what they have to say. Be patient and understanding.
  2. Offer to help and support them with every day tasks.
  3. Get regular feedback from them. Ask them how they are doing.
  4. Make reasonable adjustments for them to help improve their wellbeing.
  5. Encourage them to look after their physical wellbeing.
  6. Regularly check in with them. A text or email can help.
  7. Offer to help them find the right support.
  8. Encourage them to talk about how they are feeling.
  9. Learn to spot the signs and symptoms of mental health problems.
  10. Support them if they take time off work. Make sure a support plan in in place for when they return.
  11. Help them to learn some simple coping skills to use on a daily basis.
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