10 ways HR can support employee mental health during lockdown

Our team look at how HR can respond to the lockdown and provide extra support and routes to bettering the mental fitness of staff as the country adapts to changes in how we work and connect with each other.

In this  infographic the BelievePerform team look at 10 ways HR can support employee mental health during lockdown.

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  1. Provide staff with resources and information of where they can get help and support if they are struggling.
  2. Encourage and support staff to look after their physical health by eating healthily, staying hydrated and being active throughout the day.
  3. Implement reasonable accommodations and put actions into place to make sure staff feel supported and cared for.
  4. Fight against the stigma attached to mental health by educating employees about common mental health problems and the signs and symptoms.
  5. Create a workplace environment where staff feel confident and safe to speak openly about their mental health.
  6. Create online channels or communications where staff can regularly check in with each other.
  7. Take a proactive approach to mental health and provide employees with opportunities to boost their mental health.
  8. Be aware of personal circumstances and focus on creating an environment where staff can prioritise their physical mental health.
  9. Accommodate the needs of your staff by adopting flexible working hours and encouraging working from home.
  10. Encourage managers and leaders to check in with staff regularly. This helps promote a positive culture.
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