Code of ethics for sport parents

As a parent it can be thrilling watching your child playing sports with their peers out on the field.

Game days can often be a full on emotional experience as we anticipate which team will win, which players performed well as the expectations we may hold for our child.

The BelievePerform team provide guidance on how to best support your child on game day with our infographic outlining the code of ethics for sport parents.


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  • I will help to support, praise and encourage my child.
  • I will help my child to enjoy sport.
  • I will learn my child’s strengths and weaknesses, so I can help to give them maximum opportunities for success.
  • I will respect the coach and officials.
  • I will communicate and listen to what my child has to say.
  • I will help my child to learn from failure and mistakes.
  • I will help my child to grow, develop and thrive.
  • I will help my child to develop teamwork and sportsmanship.
  • I will help my child to learn lessons from sport.
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