10 ways to help your child look after their mental health

Setting aside time to openly discuss emotions and letting children know they can express themselves without judegment are some of the ways adults can become role models to younger people.

We look at how to encourage children to express their feelings in 10 ways to help your child look after their mental health.

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Role model – Be a positive mental health role model. Demonstrate positive behaviours which your child can learn from you.

Talking – Support your child to talk about their problems and how they are feeling.

Coping skills – work with your child to develop coping skills. Support your child to learn skills such as problem solving and thought challenging.

Wellbeing – Promote healthy eating and physical activity. Exercise is a great tool to boost mood and reduce stress and anxiety.

Self -care – Make sure your child has time and space to look after themselves. Involve yourself in their hobbies.

Autonomy – Allow your child to make their own decisions. This will help to build resilience.

Relationships – Support your child to build positive relationships with friends and family.

Relaxation – Help your child to relax. Teach them relaxation skills such as deep breathing.

Play – Promote play and creativity among your child. Allow them to explore.

Sleep – Support your child to build positive sleep habits. Develop a good sleep environment with your child.

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