10 tips to improving game concentration

Athletes can improve their performance by training and honing in on their ability to focus. In doing so they can improve concentration levels for more sustained periods and provide themselves with a greater sense of clarity.

The BelievePerform team look at ways athletes can shape their focus – from anticipating obstacles to their concentration and minimising them before and during the game to simple highly usable tactics such as motivational self talk to empower and boost mood.

In this sports education based infographic we provide 10 tips to improving game concentration.

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  1. Be honest with yourself. Recognise the things that break your focus.
  2. Focus requires a target. Be as clear as you can on what you’re focusing on.
  3. Apply some motivational self talk to your performance.
  4. Spend time developing your self talk. If you experience unhelpful thoughts identify and challenge them.
  5. Use imagery before a game imagine yourself performing successfully.Apply all your senses and try include emotions that you want to be feeling.
  6. Develop cue words. Cue words can act as prompts or tools to aid focus.
  7. Develop a pre-performance routine to build confidence and focus.
  8. Set some process and outcome goals that you want to achieve from your first performance.
  9. Minimise the likelihood of focus breakers around you.
  10. If you lose focus, have a competition with yourself to see how quickly you can regain it.
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