How to create a nurturing home environment for children during lockdown

Lockdown has changed the family environment within the home. As parents and children are spending much more time sharing communal spaces our team look at ways of adapting to these changes in a healthier way.

In this mental health infographic the experts look at how to create a nurturing home environment for children during lockdown.

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  1. Autonomy – Provide your child with the opportunity and freedom to make their own decisions and choices.
  2. Openness – make your home a safe space where your child feels confident and comfortable to talk about how they are feeling.
  3. Family time – Find an opportunity during each day where you can spend some quality time together.
  4. Support – Make sure your child feels secure and supported. Listen to them and be there for them during times of stress and worry.
  5. Togetherness – Engage in activities with your children and family. Help each other around the house with daily chores like cooking and cleaning.
  6. Role model – Be a positive role model in the household who your family can look up to.
  7. Being mindful – Pay attention to what is going around the house and be mindful of learning, development and growth. Praise the process.
  8. Regularly check in with your children and ask how they are feeling.
  9. Have regulal family routines which you can all all be part of e.g. eating dinner together, having downtime with your children.
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