Why is it important to push yourself out your comfort zone

Pushing yourself out of your usual boundaries can achieve many benefits to your personal growth and development. By regularly putting yourself out there and making yourself more vulnerable you’re able to build upon your resilience and embrace the unknown.

When we are out of our comfort zones we learn to adapt and can feel better prepared taking on new challenges that we previously may not have felt confident doing. It can teach us to explore new things and be creative in how we approach the ‘new’.

The BelievePerform team answere why is it important to push yourself out of your comfort zone with this mental health infographic.

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  • Builds your confidence.
  • You get to face your fears.
  • Taking risks can help you to develop.
  • You can learn new things.
  • Teaches you to be creative.
  • Improves your productivity.
  • You will learn how to deal better with change.
  • You get to reinvent yourself.
  • Helps you to achieve new goals.
  • It helps you to embrace the unknown.
  • Pushing yourself will allow you to explore new things.
  • Teaches you to never give up.
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