The role in schools in developing young athletes

When schools and colleges focus upon the well-being of students (and make this central to their values) teachers, mentors and coaches can build on opportunities to help develop their students emotional and physical states.

In this educational infographic the team examine the role schools play in developing young athletes.

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  • To support students to achieve their targets and goals both within sport and school.
  • To create a supportive environment where athletes can flourish.
  • To help students learn important lessons from participating in sport
  • To support students through their sporting and academic transitions.
  • To build resilience and positive mental health.
  • To provide opportunities for athletes to take part in a range of sports.
  • To identify talent and work closely with sport clubs to help students progress.
  • To provide athletes with autonomy so they can solve their own problems and develop coping skills.
  • To make sure students are having fun with the sport they are participating in.
  • To promote the mental and physical benefits of playing sport.
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