Sleep tips and advice for students

Getting regular peaceful and restorative sleep is central to our wellbeing.

A good night’s sleep improves our ability to focus as well as helping to regulate our hormones and appetitite. When properly aligned, one of our most well known circadian rythms – the sleep-wake cycle, can promote a consistent sleep cycle.

Our experts look at the steps you can take to encourage good sleep hygiene and restful sleep in our infographic on sleep tips and advice for students.

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Q – Why is sleep so important?

A – Sleep provides us with a number of physical and psychological functions. Sleep revitalises the body, supports learning and memory and helps regulate mood, and appetite.

  • Get into a routine
  • Practice deep breathing
  • Write down your worries
  • Be aware of what you eat or drink before bed
  • Create a peaceful sleeping environment
  • Aim for 7 – 9 hours sleep
  • Avoid using your phone

Light plays an important role when we sleep. When its dark our brain secretes a hormone called melanin which makes us feel sleepy. However, when it’s light our brain secretes less which makes us more awake and alert. Using a smartphone, tablet or watching TV will reduce the amount of melatonin being secreted will keep you up for longer.

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