How to support your child on exam results day

How can you be there as a parent, teacher and coach on such an important day for your child and student?

With this infographic our experts provide tips on how to guide yourselves through the expectations and emotions that come with finding out exam results with guidance on how to support your child on exam results day.

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  1. Empathise – try and empathise with them and understand how they are feeling. Ask them if there is anything you can do to help.
  2. Problem solve – if your child did not get the results they wanted, work together as a team and come up with solutions and options.
  3. Breathe – support and encourage your child to pause, slow down and breathe. Help them soothe mind and body.
  4. Time and space – some teenagers will want time and space to think. Be there for them when they want to talk.
  5. Additional support – Encourage your child to seek out support from their friends or peers. People with previous experience can offer perspective and important advice.
  6. Listen – practice active listening. Tell them that you are here to listen to them.
  7. Perspective – Try and help your child keep things in perspective. They have their whole life ahead of them to do and try a range of things.
  8. Be proud – No matter what be proud of your child. Show them that you care and are there to help.
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