How to relax your mind and body after competition

Coming back down after mentally and physically preparing yourself for a big game or sporting event is an integral part of the athletic process.

We look at techniques students, athletes and coaches can use to wind themselves back down with our sports education based infographic where we provide advice on how to relax your mind and body after competition.

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  • Happy place – close your eyes for 5 minutes and imagine yourself in a safe, happy and calm place.
  • Zone out – try and zone out from sport and engage in another activity that provides you with a sense of pleasure and relaxation.
  • Purpose – take part in something that provides you with a sense of meaning and purpose.
  • Music playlist – build up your own music playlist that you can listen to after competition to help calm your mind and body.
  • Switch off – switch off from social media and take time to do things for yourself.
  • Slow down what you are doing and take a moment to be present and fully engage in an activity.
  • Mindfulness – engage in some mindfulness to help you stay focused on the present moment.
  • Walking – a walk can be a great way to warm down and connect to your senses to nature.
  • Hobbies – whether it is gaming, painting or knitting, do something that is meaningful that is meaningful to you and relaxing.
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