How to develop an athlete centered coaching philosophy

Ensuring that you put your athletes at the heart of what you do whilst mentoring and developing them is central to creating a supportive framework  thats gets the best out of your team.

By listening to your team, providing clear lines for each athlete to be able to freely communicate and proactively engaging with each team mate like a role model, coaches can begin to cultivate an athlete centred approach.

In this sports education based infographic the team discuss how to develop an athlete centred coaching philosophy.

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Goals – Involve players when determining and identifying team goals.

Communication – Learn how to effectively communicate with your players.

Code of conduct – Develop a code of conduct with your players so they know what is expected of them.

Coach conduct – Be a role model. Be aware of what you say and do.

Parents – Don’t ignore parents. Develop effective relationships with them.

Mistakes – Be aware of how you respond to your players mistakes. Support and encourage players to learn from mistakes.

Opportunities – Provide each athlete with an equal opportunity to develop their skills.

Roles – Develop roles for each player in your team.

Game day – Know who you will start in each game. Every so often, allow your team to choose the starting line-up.

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