How schools can remotely support teachers to look after their mental health during lockdown

With work environments and priorities changing rapidly in response to the pandemic, our team of sports psychologists look at the impact remote working is having on teachers. In this infographic we detail how to best support the mental health and well-being of teachers and coaches through this time of change.

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  1. Make sure there are opportunities for staff to provide feedback on the support they are receiving.
  2. Encourage staff to plan things into their week that are helpful for their mental health and wellbeing.
  3. Make sure staff are managing their energy levels by taking regular breaks an being active throughout the day.
  4. Encourage staff to share how they are feeling with others.
  5. Make sure to regularly check in with staff and see how they are feeling.
  6. Be understanding of individual situations and offer support where in need.
  7. Provide physical mental wellbeing sessions for staff which they can regularly engage with.
  8. Model good working practice and self-care to encourage a healthy balance of work and personal life.
  9. Keep staff aware of extra support they can receive if they are struggling.
  10. Encourage a strong sense of community amongst staff members
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