10 tips to help you back to work after lockdown

Transition back to the workplace with these techniques to get you mentally prepared and ready to return to working life.

Start by selecting some of these tips a few weeks before returning to work to feel more in control and ready for the workplace as they are simple steps that can be incoporated into your routine to help lighten the load later.

Ease yourself out of lockdown with our mental fitness infographic – ’10 tips to help you back to work after lockdown.’

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  1. Ease yourself back in and develop a staged plan to return to work.
  2. If you feel anxious or nervous about returning to work speak to a colleague or your manager.
  3. Look after your physical health. Stay active throughout the day and eat a well-balanced diet.
  4. Connect with colleagues and support each other with work tasks and activities.
  5. Plan your journey to work and think about any extra equipment you might need to stay safe as you travel.
  6. If you start to feel overwhelmed by returning to work, focus on completing one task at a time.
  7. Take a break away from the computer screen. Schedule in time for regular breaks throughout the day.
  8. Make sure to take time to engage in activities outside of work that provide you with a sense of pleasure and relaxation.
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