How parents can support children to look after their mental health during lockdown

Coronavirus has changed how much time we spend in the household together, as well placing more pressures on our mental fitness and ability to make meaningful connections with each other.

Our focus today is on children and young adults whose lifestyles have greatly changed and some of the new challenges they may now be facing as a result of lockdown.

The BelievePerform team reflect on how parents can support children to look after their mental health during lockdown.

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Environment – Create a nurturing and open environment where your child feels safe and comfortable to talk about their feelings, thoughts and emotions.

Check-in time – Check in with your child on a regular basis and ask them how they are feeling.

Weekly planner – Encourage your child to plan out their week and to schedule some fun and engaging activities that provide them with a sense of pleasure.

Rest and relaxation – Support your child to manage their energy levels by taking regular breaks and getting a good nights sleep.

Reducing stress – Support your child to reduce any triggers that are leading to stress.

Problem-solve – help your child to effectively problem solve when they are dealing with stress and worry.

Friendships – Encourage your child to keep connected to their friends and family members through online technology.

Exercise – Support and encourage your child to be active throughout the day and to engage in regular exercise.

Coping skills – Work with your child to learn some coping skills that can help them be more proactive with their mental health.

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