6 tips for a pre match team talk

How you treat your players and what you say to them immediately before a match can really anchor your team and improve their performance.

We speak to coaches and athletes to find out the most effective ways of inspiring your team before they hit the field. In this sports education based infographic the BelievePerform team list 6 tips for a pre-match team talk.

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  1. Prepare – know what you are going to say in your team talk. Prepare before the game so you can deliver effective information.
  2. Individual differences – each player will respond differently to what you say and do. Get to know your players so you understand how to get the best out of them.
  3. Be positive – focus on the positive aspects. Focus on your teams strengths and how they can use them in the upcoming game.
  4. Information overload – players won’t be able to remember lots of instructions. Don’t overload them with what to do in the game.
  5. Motivate and inspire – motivate your team with what you say. Focus on the positives of previous performances and inspire your players to want to win as a team.
  6. Communicate effectively – don’t yell at players. Be aware of the words you use and how you communicate with the team. Be vocal and enthusiastic. Demonstrate positive body language.
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