20 tips for promoting healthy eating and physical activity in schools

By adopting a ‘whole-school’ approach to healthy eating and exercise schools can better encourage students to take a more active role in their health and wellbeing.

This advice is amongst other practical guidance that’s available with this infographic on ’20 tips for promoting healthy eating and physical activity in schools.’

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  • Develop a good vs bad list.
  • Make sport fun.
  • Incorporate movement breaks into lessons.
  • Help students to become physically active every day.
  • Provide healthy breakfast clubs and tuck shops.
  • Develop positive attitudes towards food and physical activity through the curriculum.
  • Highlight the importance of physical activity and healthy eating to students.
  • Highlight the benefits sport can have on mental health.
  • Encourage teachers to be active role models.
  • Develop a whole-school approach.
  • Offer a range of nutritious experiences for students.
  • Use space creatively.
  • Create school environments which are active.
  • Offer a variety of activities to students.
  • Incorporate active competition e.g. who can do the most steps each week.
  • Encourage active travel to and from school.
  • Monitor physical activity levels.
  • Ensure school management and promote physical activity and healthy eating.
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