9 steps to being a sport parent

Support, nurture and encouage your child to fulfil their sporting potential by being the mentor and role model they need. Our team provide tips on life lessons such as dealing with failure to enabling your child to make their own decisions.

In this sports education based infographic we describe what it takes to be a positive support system with BelievePerform’s 9 steps to being a sport parent.


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  1. Give encouragement – know when and how to praise your child. Be positive. Don’t forget to praise other players on the team.
  2. Be supportive – support your child’s decisions. Don’t force them to play or participate in sport if they don’t want to.
  3. Stay calm – make sure that you can stay in control of your emotions. Don’t become frustrated when watching your child.
  4. Be a role model – children learn from observing you. Make sure you demonstrate positive body language and are aware of what you do and say to your child.
  5. Learning from failure – teach your child that it is important to learn from failure.
  6. Focus on the process – there is more to sport than winning. Praise effort and hard work.
  7. Don’t compare your child with other players.
  8. Allow your child to make their own decisions.
  9. Be aware of how you talk to your child.
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