20 tips for game day

Preparing for game day takes alot of mental and physical strength as well as preparation. We’ve spoken with professional coaches and athletes to get their advice on the best ways to get yourself feeling ready to take your place on the field.

We provide techniques that will put you in a more positive mindset with tips such as using imagery to visualise giving a great performance to more practical tips such as fuelling the body effectively.

The BelievePerform team look at how to get yourself in the zone with our sports education based infographic – ’20 tips for game day.’

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  1. Focus on your strengths.
  2. Try and focus on the present.
  3. Imagine yourself performing successfully.
  4. Develop your own pre-game routine.
  5. Don’t let negative emotions overcome you.
  6. Develop your own pre-match music playlist.
  7. Prepare your body to compete.
  8. Put away your phone and any distractions.
  9. Warm up your mind as well as your body.
  10. Focus on the controllable.
  11. Control your breathing.
  12. Fuel your body effectively.
  13. Control your nerves.
  14. Enjoy yourself.
  15. Get a good night’s sleep.
  16. Stay positive.
  17. Get to the ground early.
  18. Set process goals.
  19. Be consistent with your warm-up.
  20. Practice deep breathing to relax you.
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