10 ways athletes can unwind after a training session

The BelievePerform team look at the techniques athletes can use to unwind after a training session with our sport education based infographic.

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DEEP BREATHING – Deep breathing is a simple yet effective technique for calming both your mind and body.

PMR – Progressive muscle relaxation can help reduce muscle tension and reduce stress and anxiety.

MUSIC – Listen to music that provides you with a sense of calm.

PLAN – Plan some things for the upcoming week that you can look forward to and will provide you with a sense of pleasure and achievement.

SELF CARE – Engage in an activity that provides you with a sense of relaxation.

HOBBY – Take time to engage in a hobby that provides you with a sense of meaning.

MINDFULNESS – Slow down what you are doing and engage in some mindfulness to help you keep connected to the present moment.

CONNECT – Text, email, call or meet up with a friend or family member and meet with them.

REFLECT – Reflection can be a really useful tool to help you vent emotions and debrief after a difficult session.

SOCIAL MEDIA – Switch off regularly from technology and social media and spend some time focusing on yourself.

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