10 tips to get your toddler moving

Encouraging physical movement from your toddler is a great way of helping them progress in their development and growth. We look at imaginative and fun ways of promoting free play and movement for your toddler.

Refer to this infographic when you’re needing quick, easy to use ideas to get your toddler moving!

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  1. Encourage physical activity from birth.
  2. Allow your child to take part in unstructured and imaginative play.
  3. Build fitness and exercise in your daily routine.
  4. Provide objects and toys that encourage toddlers to keep active.
  5. Give toddlers the opportunities to hop, jump, climb, walk, run and kick.
  6. Take toddlers to the playground.
  7. Provide a safe environment inside and outside for play.
  8. Be a positive exercise parent role model.
  9. Include a variety of age appropriate activities.
  10. Most importantly make sure your child is having fun.
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