10 tips for running the London marathon

Our team provide helpful guidance and advice on how to get you past the finish line when running the London marathon.

In this infographic we discuss 10 tips for running the London marathon.

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  1. Set a goal that gets you excited.
  2. Imagine scenarios where you see yourself coping successfully. Rehearse the words to talk yourself through coping with the difficult parts of the race.
  3. Set ‘if-then’ plans to cope with difficult challenges i.e. ‘If I feel really tired then I will say to myself, ‘let’s find a rhythm, relaxed, quick steps.’
  4. Focus on the process – keep your mind in the ‘here and now,’ focus on relaxed, smooth rhythmical arms, light feet.
  5. Learn to be patient in the 1st six miles and relax. Set off with confidence, but don’t rush. Going off too fast can create a sense that your goal will be achieved, but fatigue in the latter stages could be punishing.
  6. Smooth running. If you get behind your time based goal, be patient. Avoid spikes of hard effort which have huge effects on physiological factors and bring on feelings of fatigue.
  7. Proactively cope with the challenge. Know what does and don’ts work for you and practice using it in training..
  8. Use the motivation and pace of others. It will reduce stress and uncertainty. A sense of calm and confidence will come over you.
  9. Learn to run at your race pace. Do a lot of training at your intended race pace so that it feels normal.
  10. enjoy the process and not just the finish!
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