Why winning and losing is important for children

When children engage in sport they stand to learn a vast amount of life lessons through the process of winning or losing. Both outcomes teach children important values and perspectives to carry with them through their growth and development into adults.

We’ve worked with the experts who explain the character traits and skills children develop when engagaing in competitive sports with others – the benefits of which are far reaching and help promote childrens’ overall mental health and well-being as well as laying some of the foundations for later life.

In this infographic we look at why winning and losing is important for children.

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  • Winning increases a child’s self-esteem.
  • Makes a child feel proud about themselves.
  • Helps children to think more strategically.
  • Winning can boost your child’s confidence.
  • Encourages children to try their best.


  • Losing can teach children a number of key life lessons.
  • Losing can help to develop your child’s empathy skills.
  • It helps to build resilience.
  • Helps children to learn from mistakes and develop coping strategies.
  • Teaches children about self-control.
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