What to do if you’re worried about your wellbeing during lockdown

Adjusting to the changes that lockdown brings can be tricky to navigate as it has affected so many different parts of how we are able to live our lives.

The BelievePerform team discuss the healthier ways to feel more connected to friends and family and provide tips on what to to do if you’re worried about your wellbeing during lockdown.

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  1. Keep connected – Make sure you are staying connected to colleagues, friends and family on a regular basis. Use technology to keep in touch with everyone.
  2. Use an activity planner to organise your week and schedule in activities that you can look forward to.
  3. Schedule – schedule in activities into your week that provide you with a sense of pleasure, achievement and connectedness.
  4. Talk – Don’t be afraid to talk to others about your feelings and thoughts.
  5. Reach out – If you notice yourself struggling reach out to your local GP or a mental health charity for support.
  6. Helpful behaviours – Identify a list of helpful behaviours you can engage in that will help calm your body and mind.
  7. Prioritise – Organise your time and make sure you are finding time to relax and engage in activities that you enjoy.
  8. Exercise – Make some time into your week where you can engage in exercise for physical activity.
  9. Make sure you are getting into a good sleep pattern and try to maintain at least 7 – 9 hours of sleep a night.
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