What to do if a student is struggling with anxiety

Providing a supportive role to students experiencing anxiety can make all the difference to their wellbeing and education. If you are a coach, mentor or teacher we provide straight forward techniques you can use to help students better manage their anxiety and feel more mentally fit.

In this infographic the BelievePerform team look at what to do if a student is struggling with anxiety.

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  • Encourage the student to talk to people they trust and who will listen to them when they are struggling.
  • Help them to seek out the appropriate support through a school counsellor or referrals.
  • Work with your student to identify some practical strategies they can use which will help calm their mind and body.
  • As a teacher make sure you are getting the right support from other colleagues.
  • Educate them about anxiety, the flight vs fight response and how anxiety manifests itself physically and mentally.
  • Encourage them to try and keep connected to friends and family. Support them to build a strong social network.
  • Work with them to learn some deep breathing techniques. Deep breathing is a great tool to help manage physical and psychological arousal.
  • Help them to identify what their triggers are and how these impact their anxiety. Work through some strategies to dealing with their trigger.
  • Reassure them that you are there to support and guide them.
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