Using Imagery to Improve your Performance

Introduce yourself to the world of imagery with this short training to help you learn some applied techniques to boost performance.

What you'll learn

How to develop an imagery script

How to build your imagery foundations

How to use imagery as a relaxation tool

How to use imagery to reduce negative emotions


To help improve performance, athletes will use a variety of psychological techniques and skills. Imagery is one of the most commonly used psychological tools in sport which provides individuals with numerous benefits. Within this training plan we will introduce you to the foundations of imagery exploring what it is, how it used, when it is used and its benefits.

We will explore different models of imagery and will work with you to learn how to practise some imagery skills. As well as this you will be provided with 3 techniques which you can apply to any area of your performance whether that is preparing for a big sport event or getting ready for an exam. This will include developing an imagery script, using imagery to help you relax and using imagery to manage negative emotions.

Course Content

Course Materials

Course content

1 Lecture

Welcome to your training plan


1 Lecture

Introducing your training plan


The Scene
1 Lecture

Setting the scene


What is Imagery?
1 Lecture

Introducing imagery


Applying Imagery
1 Lecture

When, what and why should I use imagery


1 Lecture

Key imagery reminders


A Model of Imagery
1 Lecture

The PETTLEP model


Time to Practise
1 Lecture

Practising your imagery skills


1 Lecture

Reviewing your imagery skills


Imagery Script
1 Lecture

Developing an imagery script


Imagery and Relaxation
1 Lecture

My peaceful place


Imagery and Emotions
1 Lecture

Using imagery with negative emotions


1 Lecture

Reviewing the training plan


Course materials

5 files

  • Building your imagery foundations
  • Imagery and feelings
  • My peaceful place
  • Peaceful Place Audio File
  • Developing your imagery script


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  • Athletes
  • Parents
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  • Teachers

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