Successful Vs. Unsuccessful athlete

The BelievePerform team look at some of the characteristics and attributes that can form part of a succesful athletes’ outlook. By breaking down the elements that help steer an athlete to greater success we hope to provide greater insight as to why having a positive attitude and learning from challenges and failure leads to a healthier mindset, self-improvement and ultimately – success.

In this mental health infograpic we look at what a successful vs unsuccessful athlete looks like and why growth and development are integral to success.

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Successful athlete

  • Never gives up.
  • Wants to learn.
  • Plan their time.
  • Embraces challenge.
  • Learns from failure.
  • Works hard.
  • Learns from criticism.
  • Asks questions.
  • Helps the team.
  • Works harder after setbacks.
  • ‘I can improve.’
  • Disciplined.
  • Wants to win for their own motivation.

Unsuccessful athlete

  • Gives up easily.
  • Bored of learning.
  • Doesn’t plan.
  • Fears failure.
  • Gives up after failure.
  • Work when they have to.
  • Ignores criticism.
  • Think they know everything.
  • Self-centred.
  • Blames other’s setbacks.
  • ‘I can’t improve.’
  • Disorganised.
  • Wants to win for extrinsic rewards.
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