Sport parent match day checklist

We outline the ways we can all demonstrate healthy behaviours and attitudes on match day. Emotions may run high and in doing so it’s even more important to be aware of the impact that they can have if unchecked.

In this mental health infographic we provide a do’s and don’ts checklist to help parents and children get the best out of their sports day with our sport parent match day checklist.



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  • I will regularly praise my child and the team when they are playing.
  • I will make sure that I am aware of what to say and how I react to decisions during the match. I will be aware of my verbal and non- verbal language.
  • I will respect the referee, officials, coaches and opposition.
  • I will avoid pressuring my child about winning and losing.
  • I will focus on the process not the result.
  • I will help my child to separate sport failure from personal failure.
  • I will not swear or be abusive.
  • I will help to develop autonomy in my child. I will allow them to make their own decisions in the game.
  • I will be a role model. I will demonstrate positive behaviours throughout the game.
  • I will not compare my child with other players.
  • I will stay calm under pressure.
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