Responding stronger - taking control when your season ends unexpectedly

A practical training plan developed to help you respond stronger when your season ends unexpectedly

What you'll learn

How to develop a performance history timeline

How to build a strength safety net

How to utilise a highlight list using mental rehearsal

How to respond stronger to adversity


For many athletes and coaches across the world the current impact of Covid-19 has had a large impact on their sporting season. Not only have we seen competitions and fixtures being paused but we have also seen the cancellation of large sporting events including the 2020 Olympics and the UEFA Euros.

With these unexpected changes and the inability to carry on as normal, athletes and coaches are having to do things differently. The normality of training programmes has been totally removed from day to day life. So, with different constraints in place, it’s important to have some ways of re-allocating time and thinking about training and development in different ways. Although there are many ways this can be done, we wanted to share some initial thoughts we’ve been having.

This training plan has been developed to help both athletes and coaches learn applied strategies on how they can respond stronger when their season ends unexpectedly. It is an effective training plan that can be used during times of injury as well when athletes might have been dropped from a team. It focuses on practical strategies athletes can put in place to learn how to become the best in the world at responding to adversity.

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Course content

1 Lecture

Choosing your attitude


Reviewing performance
1 Lecture

Building a performance history timeline


A picture of your strengths
1 Lecture

Building a strength safety net


Fuel for mental rehearsal
1 Lecture

Developing a highlight list



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