PSHE - The benefits of exercise on mental health

A simple educational resource pack to use within form time

What you'll learn

How exercise can can boost mental health and wellbeing

The benefits exercise can have on the brain


Exercise can have a number of immediate effects on well being and can also have dramatic changes over long periods of time. Use the infographics below within form time or lessons to educate and discuss the benefits of exercise on mental health.



Course Content

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Course content

Course materials

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  • How can exercise improve well being
  • Mental health exercise benefits
  • The brain benefits of exercise
  • The effect of exercise on psychological wellbeing
  • The mental health benefits of exercise for children and teenagers
  • Why sport and exercise is important for children
  • The psychological and social benefits of playing sport
  • The psychological benefits of playing youth sports


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This course includes:

  • Infographics

PSHE Curriculum Guidelines

  • pupils understand that good physical health contributes to good mental wellbeing

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