PSHE - Dealing with setbacks

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What you'll learn

Tips on how to effectively deal and manage with setbacks

How to be ready to deal with setbacks


Rather than waiting for things to go wrong and not being prepared, we believe that is important that students feel confident and well equipped to deal with challenges that they face. Within this resource we have provided learners with a series of infographics which will help them to be more ready to deal with challenge and adversity.

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Course content

Course materials

6 files

  • 12-tips-to-help-you-overcome-setbacks
  • Building a mental fitness action plan to be ready to deal with setbacks
  • How to bounce back after a setback
  • How to look after your mental health and be ready to deal with setbacks
  • How to support students to be ready to deal with setbacks
  • Useful questions to ask yourself when you experience a setback


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This resource includes

  • Infographics

PSHE Curriculum Guidelines:

  • to enable students to become confident in their ability to persevere when they encounter setbacks
  • respond calmly and rationally to setbacks and challenges

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