PSHE - Children's Mental Health Week

Infographics to support Children's Mental Health Week

What you'll learn

Practical tools and tips for children to build mental health

Habits that contribute to positive mental health


As part of Children’s Mental Health Week on the 7th – 13th February we have put together a pack of resources for students and teachers to support primary and secondary schools. This pack provides you with access to infographics that could be used within your school and throughout the week to promote awareness and action. The resources can be used as discussion tools throughout form or tutor time to encourage students to take action with their mental health.



Course Content

Course Materials

Course content

Course materials

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  • 10 ways we can all support children to look after their mental health
  • 9 ways children can be brave and look after their mental health
  • 10 things parents can do to nourish their child's mental health
  • 10 ways to build confident children
  • 10 ways to help your child look after their mental health
  • 12 coping skills to practise and use with your child
  • 10 ways we can all support children to look after their mental health
  • How children can be brave and support their friends mental health
  • Choose an activity to do mindfully
  • The benefits of teaching mindfulness in schools
  • Mindfulness-Activity
  • Mindfulness-thoughts-and-emotions
  • Using-mindfulness-to-slow-down
  • 9 ways students can work on their mental health on a weekly basis
  • 10 practical ways to build student resilience
  • Mental fitness action plan for students
  • How to encourage students to look after their mental health every week
  • How students can support each other's mental health


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This course includes:

  • Infographics

PSHE Curriculum Guidelines

  • develop resilience and character that we know are fundamental to pupils being happy, successful and productive members of society

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