PSHE - Building a mentally healthy school

Play your part in building a mentally healthy school culture

What you'll learn

How to assess your work environment

How to reduce the stigma attached to mental health

Strategies to build a mental health friendly school

How to support staff who are struggling with their mental health


Stress, depression and anxiety are common mental health issues in the workplace with 1 in 4 people experiencing a mental health problem. If we are to support students and learners to to build positive mental health habits it is important that teachers are playing their part in creating cultures that enhance mental health. Mentally healthy cultures are those that support students to thrive and be fit for purpose. Within this resource pack we have provided teachers with a number of strategies that you can start to put into place to build a mentally healthy culture for employees, staff and students.

Course Content

Course Materials

Course content

1 Lecture

How to use your training plan


1 Lecture

An introduction to the training plan


Mental Health at Work
3 Lectures

Understanding mental health in the workplace


Stigma and mental health


The benefits of a mental health friendly environment


A Whole Organisation Approach
2 Lectures

Assessing your environment


A whole organisation approach


Reducing the Stigma
1 Lecture

Engaging in regular conversations


Coping Skills
1 Lecture

Teaching coping skills at work


Mental Health Support Network
1 Lecture

Encouraging a support network


Getting the facts right
1 Lecture

Mental health myths


Role Models
1 Lecture

Being a mental health role model


Physical Health
1 Lecture

Promoting Physical Wellbeing


Supporting Through and After Therapy
4 Lectures

Referral systems


Reasonable accommodations


Getting feedback


Assistance programmes


1 Lecture

Reviewing the training plan


Course materials

9 files

  • How to be a positive mental health role model
  • How to build mental health into regular conversations at school
  • How to support a colleague through and after therapy
  • The benefits of creating a mental health friendly environment
  • 10 ways schools can promote positive mental health
  • 10 ways to promote good mental health in schools
  • How can schools develop resilient children
  • How can schools promote good mental health


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PSHE Curriculum Guidelines

  • Effective teaching should aim to reduce stigma attached to health issues, in particular those to do with mental wellbeing.
  • Schools should engender an atmosphere that encourages openness

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