Mental health myths at work

There are multiple mental health myths and untruths in the workplace that are harmful to how we view and see ourselves in the world and places of work. People with mental health issues may report on feeling stigmatised in the workplace when looking for support or getting further help. Help provide a more supportive work culture by challenging these common mental health myths when coming across them at your place of work.

In this mental health infographic the BelievePerform team bust some of the most common mental health myths at work.

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  1. People always need signing off work if they have a mental health problem.
  2. People’s productivity will be reduced if they have a mental health problem.
  3. People with mental health problems will have an adverse effect on their teammates.
  4. If you have a mental health problem you can’t be a high performer.
  5. Only certain personality types will get mental health problems.
  6. People with mental health problems won’t be here for the long run.
  7. People with mental health problems should not be put in pressured situations.
  8. Someone with a mental health problem won’t progress past their current role.
  9. Mental health problems are only caused by things outside of work.
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