Mental health activity calendar for students

By allocating a small window of time to dedicate to daily mental fitness activities, students can boost their mental health and help alleviate and identify feelings of anxiety, depression or low mood.

Juggling education, a job and and other responsibilites can be strenuous and at times disrupt our ability to notice when we may be experiencing difficulty.

Improve your student’s well-being with BelievePerform’s infographic – mental health activity calendar for students.

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1st – At the end of the day write 3 good things you have achieved.

2nd – engage in some progressive muscle relaxation.

3rd – Find some time to exercise throughout your day.

4th – Challenge negative thoughts in a thought diary.

5th – Talk to someone about how you are feeling.

6th – Start a to do list.

7th – If you experience a worry, postpone it to worry time.

8th – Be present and live in the moment.

9th – Create an activity diary and schedule in some fun things to do.

10th – Learn some deep breathing.

11th – Eat a well-balanced diet.

12th – Ask for help if you are struggling.

13th – Build a positive sleep environment.

14th – practice some self-care. Have a bath.

15th – Be active throughout the day.

16th – Take a break from social media.

17th – Surround yourself with people who make you happy.

18th – Engage in some volunteering.

19th – Meet up with some friends or family.

20th – Develop a good support network.

21st – Unplug from technology.

22nd – Develop a gratitude jar.

23rd – Set some goals that you want to achieve.

24th – Be aware of your thoughts and feelings.

25th – Take a break throughout the day.

26th – Slow down and breathe.

27th – Do something that makes you happy.

28th – Get into a good sleep pattern.

29th – Imagine yourself in a relaxing and happy environment.

30th – Find what works for you and repeat.

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